What is this?

This is my quest to find the most bootylicious senator. Well, it's more of a public service.

This edition of Most Bootylicious Senator is scoping out the Senate of the 114th United States Congress and will run until January 3, 2017.

Who made this?

Hi, I'm Adam An and this is the height of my technological capability.

Dude, why?

Mainly as a project to teach myself Rails that was more interesting than an eBay clone. Plus, I've always wondered if the rest of the world thinks Barbara Mikulski is as phat as I do.

How is the bootyliciousness calculated?

You'll be presented with two randomly selected senators at a time. Your job is to choose which one is more bootylicious and which one is more bootylacking.

Each senator began with a score of zero. In each "battle," the senator deemed most bootylicious earns one badonkadonk point and the loser loses a point. Over time, the most bootylicious senators will rise to the top with high scores and the most bootylacking will sink to the bottom with negative scores.

Please do not let gender, state, or party affect your vote, to allow the truly finest derrieres to emerge victorious.

I am a senator about to give a speech to my constituents. May I cite your findings to show those broads how fierce I am?

Make sure to mention the fact that I'm on Twitter.